In Pandemic, People Are Turning to Nature, Especially Women –, December 16, 2020
People report spending more time relaxing and enjoying nature as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Women, especially, report spending more time outdoors during the pandemic.

A Top Neurosurgeon Reveals His Simple Tips for Protecting Your Brain as You AgePrevention, January 5, 2021
Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains what we need to do to stay sharp. His favorite tips: (1) Think of inactivity as a disease; (2) Always be prepared to train; (3) Take a brisk walk with a friend and talk about your problems (a brain trifecta); (4) Fuel yourself right for better focus (i.e., control your blood sugar); (5) Eat real foods, not individual nutrients or supplements; (6) Drink instead of eat; (7) Make time for your friends; (8) Try the bubble method; and (9) For lasting brain health, maintain ikigai (a sense of purpose). The bottom line: Lifestyle changes can significantly improve brain health and even reverse brain disease.

The 48 Mountains That Held My Grief New York Times, December 28, 2020
A deeply moving account of the redemptive power of nature (and hiking in it). A mother, wife and high school English teacher explains why and how she turned to hiking after her son died by suicide. In the process of doing so, she found herself: broken, but braver.

For an Exercise ‘Snack,’ Try the New Standing 7-Minute Workout New York Times, January 4, 2021
During pandemic lockdowns, many of us learned the importance of short home workouts. Try the 7-Day Well Challenge for a new exercise video and more ways to keep moving in 2021.

A Striking Stat
Want to keep your New Year’s resolution? Then don’t force it too much. A recent study showed that inactive people start moving more if they receive daily step targets that exceed their usual number of steps—but only up to a point. Making incremental changes is more manageable: Consider walking just 500 more (or 10% more) steps per day.


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