More analysts have agreed of late that COVID-19 is spurring a new reality: Every brand now needs to behave like a wellness brand, and wellness will increasingly no longer be the sole preserve of wellness brands.

A new global survey (7,000 consumers in 14 countries) by advertising giant Ogilvy helps explain why. It asked consumers how important wellness is for them now and what actions they expect brands to take to help them improve their wellbeing—and not just for more obvious sectors like food or travel but even for cars and financial services.

There are many interesting findings. Just a few:

  • 77% of people say wellness is very or extremely important to them.
  • 80% want to improve their wellness.
  • Only 46% feel that brands prioritize their wellness; the number is 41% for the food sector and 53% for skin-care brands.
  • 67% say there should be more wellness options, regardless of what they’re shopping for; more than 50% expect car, banking, airline and snack-food brands to offer wellness options.
  • 59% agree it’s worth paying more for wellness options.
  • 73% say all brands need a wellness strategy as part of their core mission.

The report’s authors conclude that “wellness remains an opportunity for double-digit growth” by closing the pronounced “wellness gaps” that exist between what consumers expect and what brands are delivering. Wellness will continue to drive companies to remake their businesses and strategies. It all means new opportunities for “actual” wellness brands to forge new partnerships and provide some needed health and wellness expertise.

The study looks at everything from how consumers now demand that brands make a positive social difference to how they’re frustrated by “wellness washing.”


Request the full report here.

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