Laughter may be effective medicine for these trying timesNew York Times, October 2, 2020
Some enlightened doctors, nurses and therapists have a prescription for helping all of us to get through this seemingly never-ending pandemic: Try a little laughter. Studies show laughter releases nitric oxide, which reduces blood pressure, and people who laugh more have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and live longer.

“It’s a virtuous cycle”: Audiences and advertisers seek health and wellness content and publishers are seeing green —–Digiday, September 23, 2020
While the economy and overall advertising market is down, consumer purchases in the wellness category are up during the pandemic, media platforms are rolling out more health and wellness content, and wellness brands are increasing their ad spend. Agencies and consultancies note the following: “We have seen a massive increase in (ad) spend in the wellness category” and “Health has officially become a lifestyle.”

Inside the airline industry’s meltdownGuardian, September 29, 2020
Coronavirus has hit few sectors harder than air travel, wiping out tens of thousands of jobs and many billions in revenue. The industry is now forced to reimagine its future, not knowing when and if normal business will resume (IATA predicts that passenger numbers will return to pre-pandemic levels by 2023, others in the industry grimly cite 2024 or 2025.). No matter what happens, the industry landscape will change dramatically. Prices will likely be higher, and a wellness “silver lining” discussed is that more efficient, less environmentally destructive planes are the future. This is a long but insightful read.

Why magic mushrooms are the next big booming (and legal) drug market Observer, October 2, 2020
There has been recent activity in the psilocybin legalization, clinical trial and market space, with growing clinical evidence from major research institutions that magic mushrooms have serious potential benefits for issues ranging from anxiety to addiction. This article explains how psilocybin is now following the trail blazed by cannabis and generating a lot of Wall Street excitement. One example is UK-based Compass Pathways, which recently became the first psychedelic company to break into US markets. While there is an uphill battle for the recreational market, there is no shortage of companies now launching psychedelic-tinged products, and the sector is forecast to be worth $6.9 billion by 2027.

Up, up and away from it allNew York Times Magazine, September 23, 2020
This is a beautiful and tantalizing reportage about a climb in the Tetons. One key insight: “It is an oddity of human nature, though, discoverable only through experience, that a happy, vibrant aliveness comes from ‘feeling the bite’—from experiencing controlled danger, discomfort.”

A Striking Stat:
Google reports a major jump in global searches related to anxiety, panic attacks, and treatments for panic attacks (especially self-care techniques) since the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic on March 11.

Source: Google Trends, 9/24/20

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