We call millennials the “wellness generation,” as they’ve embraced everything from boutique fitness to organic food in unprecedented ways. But a new study from massive health insurance company Blue Cross Blue Shield reveals that US millennials are seeing a scary increase in chronic health problems. Depression surged 31 percent, and hypertension jumped 16 percent from 2014–2017, while high cholesterol and tobacco use also spiked. Millennials also have a much higher prevalence of type II diabetes, high blood pressure and hyperactivity than Gen Xers did at 35.

The economic consequences could be serious: Millennials could lose $4,500 in income each year by 2027 from health costs, and it would have big consequences for the US economy. The researchers pointed to a mental health crisis (from stressors such as debt) underpinning millennials’ health issues/behavior, which are of course global issues for young generations.


One thought on “US Millennials’ Health Declining Faster than Gen X – And Will Make Them Poorer”

  1. I commend you for an excellent article and agree 100%. I wish I had an answer; I think we have ignored this issue way too long. Health care in America is going downhill fast. I am58 yrs. old and feel bleak that our future is critical in this department. Natural health is the only way to go. Medical costs, as they stand are draining our purses and our youth are working harder only to pay for the propaganda that advertising projects.. Greed in America has gotten out of hand .It’s a dog eat dog world. Big Pharma has to go. No more commercials to fix all ill. Time to face the truth. How do we stand up to change this? I will join the fight.

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