We call millennials the “wellness generation,” as they’ve embraced everything from boutique fitness to organic food in unprecedented ways. But a new study from massive health insurance company Blue Cross Blue Shield reveals that US millennials are seeing a scary increase in chronic health problems. Depression surged 31 percent, and hypertension jumped 16 percent from 2014–2017, while high cholesterol and tobacco use also spiked. Millennials also have a much higher prevalence of type II diabetes, high blood pressure and hyperactivity than Gen Xers did at 35.

The economic consequences could be serious: Millennials could lose $4,500 in income each year by 2027 from health costs, and it would have big consequences for the US economy. The researchers pointed to a mental health crisis (from stressors such as debt) underpinning millennials’ health issues/behavior, which are of course global issues for young generations.


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