Exercise Makes You Happier than Money, According to Yale and Oxford Research Business Insider, April 3, 2019
Despite the silliness of the title, this article presents interesting new research showing that exercise is more important to our mental health than our economic status. In addition, sports that involve socializing tend to have a more positive effect on our mental health than others.

The Land of Immortals: How and What Japan’s Oldest Population Eats CNN, April 5, 2019
The philosophy is you should still be a little hungry when you push the plate away. 

Can We Touch? The Atlantic, April 10, 2019
Physical contact remains vital to human health, even as we experience less of it. The rules of engagement aren’t necessarily changing—they’re just starting to be heard. 

In Search of Generation Z The New Republic, March 28, 2019
The writer doesn’t mince his words! In his opinion, an unscrupulous, money-hungry marketing industry helped define the millennials, often with wildly inept results. And now, it’s getting to work on the next cohort: Generation Z. In reality, both millennials and Gen Z are distinct from their forebears, “but distinguished chiefly by the magnitude of their debt and the paucity of their prospects.”

Wake Up People, You’re Fooling Yourself about SleepCNN, April 17, 2019
Many of us have notions about sleep that have little basis in fact and may be harmful to our health, according to researchers at NYU Langone Health’s School of Medicine. They present 10 very wrong, unhealthy assumptions we often make.

A Striking Stat:  

One in five people globally is eating themselves to an early death.

Too much processed meat, sodium and sugary drinks and not enough whole grains, nuts/seeds, etc. mean that a poor diet is leading to more deaths than any other risk factor in the world.

Source: Global Burden of Disease study, April 2019


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