AI Initiative Members

Andy Hall

United Kingdom


Founder & CEO, brandXchange

Andy Hall is a highly accomplished CEO with expertise in health, technology, and web 3.0. With a diverse background in operations, fitness tech, and SaaS, Andy has a proven track record in blockchain, NFT projects, and the fitness metaverse. He excels in strategic planning, fundraising for web3 projects, and fostering strong partnerships. As a thought leader, Andy frequently speaks on web 3.0 and its impact on gaming, web3 opportunities, and fitness technology. His commitment to innovation and collaboration drives him to shape the future of health, tech, and web 3.0.

Dr. Vishal Patel

United States

Vice Chair

President & Chief Medical Officer, Sensei, USA

Dr. Vishal Patel co-leads Sensei and directly oversees the scientific integrity of Sensei’s experiences, Technology, Wellness Programs, and R&D departments. As Sensei’s Chief Medical Officer, Vishal ensures that Sensei’s technology and wellness experiences are evidence-based and data-driven, supporting the delivery of personalized and inspiring guest experiences. Before Sensei, he worked with Geisinger, Baylor Scott & White, Parkland Hospital, and health insurers to use data science to design, implement, and improve population-level health programs.



Kate Hancock

Serial Entrepreneur, Metaverse Business Advisor, Partner and Founder Metaverse XYZ

Kate Hancock is a serial entrepreneur and international speaker. She has built (4) successful businesses in less than ten yearsincluding an e-commerce store, a day spa twice-named to the Inc 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America, and Bintana sa Paraiso Hotel which has been named one of the top hotels in the Philippines. She also created a community of 100K+ individuals on Clubhouse impacting 8 million entrepreneurs and produced the longest-running virtual summit in the world that ran for 85 days. Kate loves web 3.0 and co-founded Metaverse XYZ which runs immersive events, conferences in the web 3.0 space.  She has been honored as one of the Top 8 Asian American Influencers in 2021 by Tripadvisor as well as Entrepreneurs Organization Global Leadership Influencer in 2022.

Cheryl Scott

Managing Director and Spa Asset Manager, Trinity Spa Advisors, United States

Cheryl is a visionary trailblazer merging Wall Street and the wellness field. In 1999, she launched the initial data-focused wellness app. With over 20 years in spas, she utilizes her expertise as an Asset Manager and Strategist, managing $300 million in funds for clients such as British Airways. As the Managing Director at Trinity Spa Advisors, Cheryl integrates financial proficiency with operational prowess to improve revenue, guest experiences, and employee contentment.

Tiffany St James

Serial Entrepreneur, Founder Tech Art Impact, tech keynote speaker

Tiffany is a global digital strategist advising Governments, businesses and charities on deep digital engagement and for 17 years. She launched with Sir Tim Berner’s Lee making the UK Government the most transparent in the world and is the former Head of Public Participation for the UK Government leading globally on open policy making and digital business intelligence in pandemics.

Tiffany embeds practical Web3 skills in the public sector to benefit citizens and cities, trains agencies and businesses in building Web3 services through her consultancy Transmute and Agency Curate42. Through Tech Art Impact, Tiffany helps charities raise funds and transparency through Web3 projects for social impact and wellness. She is recognised as one of 25 women that have changed British Digital Industry in the last 25 years as well as global awards of Most Influential Women in Digital Strategy Consulting 2020.