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FEBRUARY 11, 2015

On February 11, 2015, the Global Wellness Institute, in partnership with Scientific American Worldview, convened a Roundtable discussion entitled: “The Science of Wellness: Hype or Hope?”

Around this illustrious table were business leaders, scientists, journalists, doctors, technologists, researchers, hotel and spa owners and more. It was a fascinating conversation and the resounding conclusion was that the Science of Wellness is definitely more HOPE than hype! But it depends on the rest of the world—not just those at the table—to embrace it, fund research studies, make personal choices to impact change, incite governments to change policies, etc. So the operative word is “change” and most people at the Roundtable felt it was important to come together, as thought leaders in the wellness arena, and lead that change.

To learn more, read the Redefining Workplace Wellness Roundtable Report, and the press release highlighting key takeaways from the event.