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Beauty meets wellness roundtable and interactive forum

August 21, 2017 

On August 21, the Beauty Meets Wellness  Initiative hosted a roundtable & interactive forum in New York. The discussion was moderated by Mike Bruggeman, CEO, Organic Male OM4, and the initiative chair of the Beauty Meets Wellness Initiative. 


Roundtable Summary

To learn more about the event, discussion points, outcomes and potential deliverables of the Beauty Meets Wellness Initiative and read the full report, click here.




Mia  Adorante, Beauty & Heath Editor , W Magazine, United States
Amanda  Al-Masri, Vice President, Spa, Equinox, United States
Julie Bach, Executive Director, Wellness For Cancer, United States
Karen  Ballou, CEO, Immunocologie, United States
Christian  Bardin, Strategic & Business Development Advisor, Hydropeptide, United States
Cynthia  Beesmyer, President, Brand Initiative, United States
Sharon Blinkoff, Regulatory Council , Locke Lord, LLP, United States
Nancy  Board, Co-Founder, Global Women 4 Wellbeing, United States
Wendy  Bosalavage, President, LIV unLtd, United States
Gaylen Brown, Spa Director, Mandarin Oriental New York, United States
Mike Bruggeman, CEO & Chief Formulation Officer, OM4 Organic Male , United States
Jill Carlen, Founder, Wellness Around the World, United States
Joey Chancis, CEO | Managing Director, Joey New York | LABB Aesthetic Beauty Bar, United States
Barbara  Close, Founder & CEO, Naturopathica, United States
Nancy  Davis, Chief Creative Officer & Executive Director, Global Wellness Institute, United States
Doris  Day, MD, FAAD, MA, Founder, Day Dermatology & Aesthetics, United States
Dr. Nava Dayan, Owner, Dr. Nava Dayan, LLC, United States
Jacob Dayan, Business Coordinator, Dr. Nava Dayan, LLC, United States
Theresa DiMasi, Vice President, Content Editor in Chief, Weight Watchers International, Inc., United States
Susie  Ellis, Chairman & CEO, Global Wellness Institute, United States
Sally  Fraenkel, President, Mind Body Spirit Network, United States
Michelle  Gamble, Vice President, Business Development, Global Wellness Summit, United States
Mary Elizabeth  Gifford, Board of Directors and Chief Strategy Advisor, Demeter-USA, United States
Jun  Harada, Head of Digital Beauty Innovation and Strategy, Condé Nast , United States
Jamé Heskett, MD, Founder, The Wellpath Clinic, United States
Madelyn Hirsch Fernstrom, PhD, CNS, Health & Diet Editor, NBC News, United States
Suzanne Holbrook, Sr. Corporate Director, Spa Operations, Marriot International, Inc, United States
Fikry Isaac. MD, MPH, FACOEM, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, WellWorld Consulting, LLC, United States
Fabienne Jacquet, Vice President, Strategic Insights Fragrances, International Flavors & Fragrances, United States
Tatiana  Kaletsch, CWWS, CWWPM, BCC, Corporate Wellness Specialist, BodyVision, LLC, United States
Julie Keller Callaghan, Editor in Chief , American Spa, United States
Brett Kotlus, M.D., M.S., Cosmetic and Oculofacial Palstic Surgeon, Brett Kotlus, M.D., PLLC, United States
Kelly  Kovack , Editor in Chief ,, United States
Patricia Ladis, Co-Founder, KIMA Center for Physiotherapy & Wellness, United States
Kim Marshall, CEO & Founder, The Marshall Plan, United States
Barry  McCaffrey, Senior Vice President, Spa Sales, Naturopahtica, United States
Reneta McCarthy, Senior Lecturer, Cornell University, United States
Anna McLellan, Senior Account Executive, Beauty & Wellness, 5W Publications, United States
Candis Melamed, Founder, Spotlight Communications Group, United States
Claudia  Murillo, Founder and CEO , Lovacado Inc., United States
Laurie  Nicoll, Founder & CEO, Stemulation Skin Care , United States
Alison  O’Neil, B.S.M.E., A.R.S., Key Note Speaker, Author and Aesthetic Health Industry Expert, Biotechnology Business Solutions, United States
Julia Petrini, Head of Talent and Store Operations, Heyday, United States
Susan  Posnick, Founder, Susan Posnick Cosmetics , United States
Nikki Robinson, Founder & CEO, Nomi Beauty, United States
Ava Shamban, MD, Board Certified Dermatologist and Owner, Ava MD, United States
Yoriko Soma, President & CEO, ConceptAsia, Inc., Japan, United States
Agapi Stassinapoulos, Keynote Speaker & Author,, United States
Julia  Sutton, CEO, Exhale, United States
Elizabeth Trattner, A.P., D.O.M., Board Certified Doctor of Oriental Medicine & Acupuncture,, United States
Sindhya Valloppillil, Vice President of Innovation & Head of Beauty Division, LifeNome, United States
Mark  Wuttke, Chief Operating Officer, Babor North America, United States