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United States Wellness Economy Now Valued at $1.8 Trillion – The Largest Wellness Market in the World

Global Wellness Institute, in partnership with National Academy of Sports Medicine®, releases new data on all 11 US wellness sectors.

Miami, FL – April 17, 2024 – The Global Wellness Institute (GWI), the leading non-profit research organization for the global wellness industry, released new data on the United States’ $1.8 trillion wellness economy. According to the recent report, the US is the world’s leading wellness economy — twice the size of #2 ranked China at $790 billion. The US ranks #1 for nine out of eleven wellness sectors that GWI measures within the overall $5.6 trillion global wellness economy.

The 2024 report is available on GWI’s Geography of Wellness platform thanks to a partnership with National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), a global leader in evidence-based education and certification for fitness and wellness professionals. NASM’s sponsorship provided GWI with the resources required to research all eleven sectors that make up the country’s wellness economy.

“By making this information available to all, NASM is playing a crucial role in getting GWI’s detailed analysis into the hands of investors, academics, business leaders and government agencies looking to analyze and understand this innovative, world-leading wellness market and the opportunities that lie ahead,” said Susie Ellis, GWI’s chair & CEO.

New US Wellness Economy Data

Below is a snapshot, in order of market size, of all eleven sectors that make up the United States’ wellness economy. Further details can be found here, including a detailed, downloadable country report entitled The Global Wellness Economy: United States.

US Wellness Economy by Sector:
(Numbers refer to each market’s global rank, growth from 2020-2022, and current market valuation.)

Physical Activity: #1, +22.9%, $338.6B
Personal Care & Beauty: #1, +13.4%, $310B
Healthy Eating, Nutrition & Weight Loss: #1, +8.4%, $289B
Wellness Tourism: #1, +31.8%, $259B
Public Health, Prevention & Personalized Medicine: #1, -4.9%, $222B
Wellness Real Estate: #1, +26%, $176B
Mental Wellness: #1, +13.3%, $87B
Traditional & Complementary Medicine: #2, +7.4%, $81.5B
Spas: #1, +30.9%, $26B
Workplace Wellness: #1, +8.1%, $18B
Thermal/Mineral Springs: #6, +24.1%, $1.04B

Total Wellness Economy: #1, +14%, $1.8T

The report includes additional breakdowns on individual markets, such as:

  • The physical activity sector, including:
    • Sports and active recreation ($67.2 billion)
    • Fitness ($41.3 billion)
    • Mindful movement ($12.7 billion)
    • Fitness tech ($17.5 billion)
  • Healthy eating, nutrition, and weight loss
    • Healthy labeled food and beverages ($223.5 billion)
    • Vitamins and supplements ($49.9 billion)
    • Weight loss products and services ($20.0 billion)
  • Mental wellness
    • Self-improvement ($19.6 billion)
    • Meditation and mindfulness ($2.2 billion)
  • US spa market
    • Hotel/resort spa ($6.5 billion)
    • Medical spa ($3.5 billion)

“GWI’s reputation is well-recognized, and we are excited to partner with an organization that aligns with our mission to foster wellness on a global scale,” said Mehul Patel, CEO of NASM. “The Global Wellness Economy report is one of the tools NASM uses when making decisions within the wellness space. By making GWI’s data and insights accessible, we are supporting GWI’s goal of empowering the wellness industry at the local, national, and global level.”

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