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David Stewart, founder of AGEIST, challenges the myths surrounding COVID-19 and aging

Miami, FL – May 28, 2020 –The Global Wellness Institute today released a new “Wellness in the Age of COVID-19” Q&A with David Stewart, founder of AGEIST, a media company and agency dedicated to championing the vitality and influence of the modern 50+ demographic.

Stewart brings unique insights into how the Coronavirus is impacting this demographic, the trends emerging under COVID-19 that will change their lives, and some silver linings he sees when it comes to creative solutions to the COVID-19 crisis.

In the Q & A Stewart discusses…

  • How today’s wellness-focused “new 50+” demographic feels profoundly vulnerable in the pandemic. But how the initial idea that “age” flatly equals a vulnerable immune system is getting shaken up.
  • How surging trends like remote working could positively impact the 50+ by eliminating physical discrimination barriers.
  • With the new “digital everything,” how the companies that will stand out will be those that do something physical. The tactile is getting lost in the digital.
  • How we cannot underestimate how the breakneck pace of innovation will change our lives and the trajectory of this disease.

Read his interview here.