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The Global Internship Program Committee Announces the Release of 3 new Spa & Wellness Management Resources

Canada, February 2016, – The Global Internship Program Committee (GIPC) is proud to announce the notable release of their 3-piece set of Spa Management resource materials.

This release includes two Survey Reports that reveal the current state of Spa and Wellness Experiential Learning Programs (ELPs) globally, as well as a glimpse into the future direction of these programs. The surveys were sent to Spa Management Educational Institutions, Corporate Spa Directors and Establishments worldwide, who were thought to be either currently offering an ELP or possibly considering one in the future. Download your complimentary Survey Reports here.

To accompany the surveys, the ‘Global Best Practices for Spa & Wellness Internships’ manual was also created. From the survey results, it is now known that of the establishments surveyed, those who are hosting ELPs are almost equally divided between delivering a ‘highly structured’ and a ‘loosely structured’ EL experience. To answer to this warning sign, this manual was created and is intended to become ‘the’ essential resource for those establishments starting new EL programs, as well as those needing greater standardization within their existing ones. This encompasses 4 types of ELPs, including Internships, Externships, Manager-in-Training and Job Shadowing. Download your complimentary Internship Manual here.

As shown below, from those educators and establishments offering Spa Management ELPs, benefits and recommendations were found to be overwhelmingly positive.

93% of educational institutions surveyed, reported that students consider availability of ELPs when selecting an educational program

  • 89% of business establishments hosting ELPs stated they were beneficial to their establishments
  • 89% of educational institution respondents stated ELPs were perceived to be ‘highly valuable’
  • 96% of establishments surveyed would recommend other establishments implement an ELP

89% of educational institutions surveyed and 97% of establishments surveyed believe there is a positive correlation between EL experiences and a student’s performance post-graduation.

From this GIPC research, it was revealed that there are many global establishments considering starting their own programs within the next 6 to 12+ month period.  In support of these findings and to facilitate continued success, our next step is the planned future development of an Internship Portal. This portal will be specifically designed to help unite global Spa Management students and interns with Spa & Wellness Educators and Business Establishments who offer ELPs.

On behalf of the Global Internship Program committee, we welcome you to join in and help our industry ‘Encourage excellence through Example’.  Please contact us for more information.

Leslie Lyon, Chair, Global Internship Program, and President, Spas2b Inc. [email protected]

Amanda Roman Al-Masri, Starwood Hotels & Resorts
Daryll Naidu, Shangri-la Hotel
Kate Sornson, Project Manager
Khumura Khumnetertauset, Initiative Intern Associate
Dr. Mary Wisnom, Florida Gulf Coast University
Veljko Savic, Hotel Del Coronado
Past Committee Member: Andrea Lomas-Gong, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group
Past Committee Member: Ginger McLean, The Walt Disney Company

About the Global Internship Program: 

The Global Internship Program (GIP) is one of three programs within the Global Career Development Initiative launched by the Global Wellness Institute and chaired by Jean-Guy de Gabriac, CEO TIP TOUCH International. The GIP is accompanied by the Global Careership Program ( lead by CG Funk, former Vice President of Industry Relations and Product Development of Massage Envy, and the Global Mentorship Program co-chaired by Jean-Guy de Gabriac and Deborah Smith, Principal of Smith Club & Spa Specialists ( You can find out more information about the Committee Members of the Global Career Development Initiative here: /career-development