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Brazil’s Wellness Economy Ranks #1 in Latin America-Caribbean Region

Global Wellness Institute releases new data on Brazil’s $96 billion wellness economy thanks to a continuing partnership with wellness real estate developer AG7

Miami, FL – May 9th, 2024 – The non-profit Global Wellness Institute (GWI), the leading research organization for the global wellness industry, today released new data on Brazil’s $96 billion wellness economy and all of its eleven wellness markets. The country boasts the 12th largest wellness market in the world and continues to be ranked #1 out of the 46 countries GWI measures in the Latin America-Caribbean region. The new research shows that Brazil’s wellness economy is 5% of its GDP.

The new report is available on GWI’s Geography of Wellness platform thanks to a renewed agreement with Brazil-based AG7, a wellness building developer considered a pioneer in connecting health, art, hospitality and wellness with innovative and sustainable housing. AG7’s sponsorship provides GWI researchers with the resources required to take a deep dive into all eleven sectors that make up the country’s wellness economy.

“By making this information available to all, AG7 is playing a crucial role in getting GWI’s detailed analysis into the hands of investors, academics, business leaders and government agencies looking to understand the Brazilian wellness marketplace and the opportunities that lie ahead,” said Susie Ellis, GWI’s chair & CEO.

New Brazil Wellness Economy Data

The country is a major player in the beauty industry, ranking #5 in the world for its $39 billion beauty and personal care market, and is also a leader in the healthy eating, nutrition and weight loss sector, with a $31 billion market, ranked #6 in the world. Brazil also has a powerful thermal and mineral springs market, ranked #8 globally.

Below are snapshots, in order of market size, of all the sectors that make up Brazil’s wellness economy. More data can be found here, including a detailed, downloadable country report entitled The Global Wellness Economy: Brazil.

Brazil Wellness Economy by Sector:
(Numbers refer to each market’s global rank, growth from 2020 to 2022, and current market valuation.)

Personal Care & Beauty: #5, +27.2%, $39B
Healthy Eating, Nutrition & Weight Loss: #6, +16.9%, $31B
Physical Activity: #15, +11.9%, $12B
Public Health, Prevention & Personalized Medicine: #13, -0.8%, $7B
Wellness Tourism: #30, +18.8%, $3B
Mental Wellness: #11, +15%, $2.7B
Traditional & Complementary Medicine: #32, +11%, $1B
Thermal/Mineral Springs: #8, +33.3%, $810M
Spas: #29, +17.2%, $680M
Workplace Wellness: #16, +2.4%, $450M
Wellness Real Estate: #45, +14.9%, $60M

Total Wellness Economy: #12, +18.2%, $96B

The report includes further data and insights on the country’s individual wellness markets, including its wellness real estate sector, which has grown 15% annually since 2020—and its fast-growing revenues in the thermal/mineral springs sector, which expanded 33% annually from 2020 to 2022. Hot springs, along with innovative medical and aesthetic spas, and a growing physical activity market with an emphasis on sports and dance, are some of the country’s key wellness modalities that GWI highlights on the updated Wellness in Brazil webpage.

Brazil’s extraordinary natural assets—stretching from beaches and mountains to the Amazon rainforest—offer unparalleled wellness and outdoor experiences, complemented by the diverse offerings of spas and resorts. Beyond its natural beauty, Brazil stimulates the mind and the senses with its rich landscape of historical landmarks; music, arts and cultural events; culinary offerings, and recreational activities, delivered in a festive environment with the welcoming energy of its people. The wealth of Brazil’s healing modalities and biodiversity promises a unique, authentic wellness experience.

AG7 – Building Wellness

As a company that is leading the wellness real estate movement in Brazil, AG7’s purpose is to inspire people to live well, bringing together professionals in the creative economy, entrepreneurs, designers, architects, engineers, landscape designers, artists and athletes who join together to build wellness. The company recognizes the importance of evangelizing and embracing the country’s entire wellness ecosystem and understands how instrumental data can be in propelling not only the wellness real estate market sector forward, but also the entire wellness landscape in Brazil.

“There is a great variety in the wellness economy in Brazil, a country internationally recognized for advances in health, aesthetics, and quality of life, and one of the largest wellness markets in the world,” said Dr. Andressa Gulin, an AG7 Partner. “The data in this report provides important indicators for companies, as they reveal clear investment opportunities in the country and promote the development of a sustainable and long-lasting production chain, all of which positively influences the lives of the population in terms of wellness and quality of life.“

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