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AG7 Partners with the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) to Amplify and Highlight Brazil’s Unique Wellness Assets and Opportunities

Brazil, whose wellness economy is valued at $82.6B, making it the leader in the Latin America-Caribbean region, has become the second country added to GWI’s new “Geography of Wellness” microsite

Miami, FL – July 6, 2022 The nonprofit Global Wellness Institute (GWI), the leading research and educational resource for the $4.4 trillion global wellness industry, today announced Brazil as the second country partner for its recently launched “Geography of Wellness” microsite. AG7, Brazil’s leading wellness building and real estate firm, stepped up to sponsor Brazil’s inclusion. AG7 develops and invests in innovative housing that combines the concepts of health, modern architecture and well-being, transforming the way individuals and families live.

GWI’s “Geography of Wellness” takes a deep dive into the data points behind a country’s wellness economy, painting a clear picture of where it is positioned and giving countries a platform to showcase their unique wellness assets to potential visitors. Last month, GWI announced Singapore as the first country to go live.

“Now anyone who wants to explore Brazil’s wellness economy and gain a deeper understanding of where it is positioned in relation to its peers and competitors will be able to access this valuable data,” said Susie Ellis, GWI chair and CEO. “This includes access to the first-ever dedicated wellness economy report for the country, free to download thanks to AG7, that clearly outlines the size of Brazil’s wellness economy and its place within each of the 11 wellness sectors our researchers measure.”

According to GWI data, Brazil offers a wide array of wellness assets and has a wellness economy valued at $82.6B, making it the stand-out performer (#1 out of 46 countries) in the Latin America-Caribbean region. The country is ranked #11 worldwide, just behind Australia.

In 2020, Brazil’s global ranking in the 11 wellness sectors (among the 218 countries where GWI collects data) illustrates a comprehensive and diverse wellness economy. Some key numbers: Brazil ranks #5 in Personal Care & Beauty, a reflection of the region’s focus on self-care; #7 for Healthy Eating, Nutrition & Weight Loss, a real determiner of overall wellness; #10 for its large number of Thermal/Mineral Springs; an impressive #7 for Public Health, Prevention & Personalized Medicine; #12 for Mental Wellness; and #23 for Wellness Tourism.

GWI researchers latest report, “The Global Wellness Economy: Looking Beyond Covid,” forecasts that the wellness economy is on track to expand to $7 trillion by 2025[1]. There are significant industry growth opportunities across the globe.

“As a company that is leading the wellness real estate movement in Brazil, AG7 recognizes the importance of evangelizing and embracing the country’s entire wellness ecosystem. We are proud to play a key role in sharing this important research with large and small companies alike, and with the institutions involved in wellness market development,” said Andressa Gulin, MD, head of innovations at AG7. “When GWI presented this opportunity, we immediately recognized how instrumental this data could be in propelling not only the wellness real estate market sector forward, but also the entire wellness economy here in Brazil.”

Wellness in Brazil

Brazil’s warm and welcoming local population embraces, charms and captivates visitors – a crucial component of any successful wellness destination. Besides amazing places to explore, historical landmarks to see, beaches and mountains to trek, mineral springs to bath in and incredible Amazonian adventures to partake in, Brazil is also a place to rest and reconnect with oneself. The country is stunningly beautiful and prides itself in prioritizing sustainability and the environment. Brazil also unites the best of all worlds: nature and culture collide while the ancient and the modern co-exist in harmony. Whether it’s a modern hotel peeking through the mist in the Amazon or one of the best spas in the world located in São Paulo or Curitiba, locals and tourists alike are immersed in nature, rich culture, gastronomic delights, diverse physical activities, and beautiful scenery. Brazil is a destination that celebrates the joy of a life well experienced and well lived.

“Every destination in the world is unique with wellness assets not found anywhere else. Forward-looking countries and regions are realizing that now is the time to plant seeds designed to accelerate the positive impact wellness has on citizens, communities, and its economy in the future,” continued Ellis.

Interest in GWI’s Geography of Wellness microsite has been robust and the research organization is preparing additional country reports to be released soon.


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