2023 Annual Press Event


Each January, the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) and the Global Wellness Summit (GWS) co-host an exclusive NYC press event where GWI researchers present their latest wellness research and GWS issues its hotly-anticipated annual wellness trends report.

The Future of Wellness 2023 Trends – Global Trends Report

The Global Wellness Summit (GWS) released its annual “The Future of Wellness 2023 Trends” global trends report, the longest-running, most in-depth (160-pages) and only truly global forecast of the newest directions in wellness. The 12 wellness trends for 2023 were unveiled at a media event in New York City (qualified media can request a free copy here.) The 2023 Global Wellness Trends are supported by Biologique Recherche and Art of Cryo.

You can purchase the report here. 


2023 Health, Happiness, and the Wellness Economy: An Empirical Analysis

This report examines the nexus of wellness spending, health, and happiness, in a collaboration between GWI and a key author and statistician for the UN World Happiness Report. It is the first-ever global analysis of the statistical relationships between total and sector-level wellness economy spending and various measures of happiness and health outcomes. Based on the results of the statistical analyses, we explore the implications for the wellness economy and the scope for public policy actions.

Learn more and download the free report here.