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Wellness sectors seeing the most significant growth since 2010 are:

  • Healthy eating, nutrition and weight loss (108 percent increase to $276.5 billion)
  • Preventative and personalized health (78 percent increase to $243 billion)
  • Complementary and alternative medicine (65 percent increase to $113 billion)
  • Beauty and anti-aging (51 percent increase to $679 billion)

Other key highlights:

  • The spa industry grew 58 percent from $60 billion in 2007 to $94 billion in 2013, with 47 percent increase in spa locations from 71,762 to 105,591
  • Wellness tourism expanded to $494 billion in revenues, rising 12.5 percent from 2012, significantly outpacing SRI’s original growth forecast of 9 percent
  • The first-ever assessment of the thermal and mineral springs sector, which accounts for $50 billion in revenues and spans 26,847 properties worldwide

Global Wellness Institute in the News

Wellness Tourism Industry Reaches $495 Billion in Revenue
Tourism Review, 5 October 2014
“According to Ellis, there are many reasons for the rapid growth. Some of these include the aging population, rise of lifestyle illnesses, widespread economic prosperity, stressful living, traditional healthcare failure and more. All these factors have led to the wellness movement. Some reports suggest that the worldwide wellness economy is worth $3.4 trillion. This is thrice the revenue for the worldwide pharmaceutical industry.”

Sub-Saharan Africa Is Fastest-Growing Region for Wellness Tourism
SKIFT, 3 October, 2014
“Sub-Saharan Africa is the world’s fastest growing region for the amount of trips taken to the region. Last year, tourists spent $3.2 billion on wellness experiences in the region, a 57% increase from the previous year. Sub-Saharan African countries welcomed tourists on 4.2 million wellness trips in 2013, representing a 90% increase year-over-year.”

Global Spa, Wellness Industry Estimated at $3.4 Trillion: Report
The New York Times, 30 September 2014
“The report showed that the number of people taking international and domestic wellness tourism trips grew by 12 percent from 2012 to 2013. That was 36 percent faster than overall tourism trip growth, which is estimated at 9 percent.”

Wellness Tourism Growing Worldwide
Financial Tribune Daily, 7 September 2014
“And while the 525 million trips made by wellness travelers represent only 6 % of all tourism trips, they account for 14 % of all tourism spending. Wellness travelers tend to be wealthier, have achieved a higher level of education, and spend more per trip on average. For example, an international tourist on average spends $1,000 per trip (not including international air travel), while an international wellness tourist spends 65 % more. The differential between an average domestic traveler and a wellness traveler is even greater, with domestic wellness travelers spending 2.5 times the average domestic tourist per trip.”

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