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David Brancaccio
American Public Media’s Marketplace Morning Report

David Brancaccio specializes in telling stories important to our democracy and our economy through the eyes of the real people who live in the cross-hairs of crucial issues. His accessible yet authoritative approach to investigative reporting and in-depth interviewing earned his work the highest honors in broadcast journalism, including the Peabody, the Columbia-duPont, the Emmy, and the Walter Cronkite awards. As host and senior editor of public television s NOW on PBS broadcast, David brought his engaging, probing style to beats that included business and finance, the environment, national security, and human rights. A survey of opinion leaders found that NOW on PBS was the most influential news program on broadcast television. He also served for ten years as the host of public radio s innovative and popular daily business program, Marketplace. He is author of the book Squandering Aimlessly, a nationwide odyssey to speak to Americans about money and values.