wellness at Work initiative Members



Anna Bjurstam

Vice President of Spas & Wellness, Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas; Partner, Raison d’Etre & Operating Advicor, Pegasus, Sweden

Anna Bjurstam has always been dedicated to wellness and has worked in the business for 25 years. With hands on expertise in wellness and a Master Degree in Business, her latest focus is expanding wellness in both buildings, workplaces, wellness centers and spas.

James Brewer

Workspace Consultant, Steelcase, United States

In his role as Workplace Consultant at Steelcase, James leverages a diversified background in management, sales, strategic design and project management to inform innovative solutions. He is focused on helping organizations understand how physical space can be optimized to promote employee wellbeing and organizational performance. Additionally, James is driving research initiatives designed to broaden our understanding of how the built-environment can support employee wellbeing.

Joel Hershfield

Manager of Finance, IT and Healthy Workplace Advisor at Materials Distribution Agency, Canada

Joel is the Manager of Finance, IT and Healthy Workplace Advisor at Materials Distribution Agency. He has over 20 year’s involvement in workplace dynamics. Joel has guided MDA to become the provincial government leader in wellness. He has presented locally and nationally on the concept of creating healthy workplaces. He has had several articles published in leading U.S. Corporate Health Magazines. Through Joel’s efforts MDA is now linked to the World Economic Forum Workplace Wellness committee. His passion and vision is to inspire people to create great, healthy and fun workplaces.

Mary Ellen Rose, PhD

Founder & Chief Science Officer, Institute for Healthy Destination Accreditation (IHDA), United States

Mary Ellen Rose, PhD has worked in the health science field for more than 30 years. An educator, scientist, consultant, published academic and author, she is a subject matter specialist in comprehensive health promotion. Her work consistently expands the applicability of research into sensible and relevant practices across a variety of industries. In 2012, Dr. Rose co-founded the Institute for Healthy Destination Accreditation.

Michelle Railton

Health & Performance Manager, Google, United States

Michelle Railton is a Health & Performance Manager at Google, leading its massage, self care and recovery programs for employees in over 80 offices in 36 countries. The services and spaces her team provides educate and empower workers to care for their bodies and minds through massage, exercise, movement and relaxation. With 16 years in the spa and wellness industry, Michelle holds a master’s degree from Cornell University and has worked as a massage therapist, dean of education and international consultant.

Mim Senft

President & CEO, Motivity Partnerships, United States

Mim Senft has over 25 years of corporate experience in project management, benefits design and wellness program analysis, strategy development and implementation. Mim serves on the board of directors for the National Wellness Institute, is a member of the Global Wellness Institute’s Future of Well Work Initiative and co-facilitates the Worksite Wellness Academy for the National Wellness Institute’s annual conference.

Gloria Treister

Wellness Consultant, GBT Wellness/WELLmania, United States

Gloria Treister helps create efficient, effective, and compelling personal and corporate wellness strategies. Her expertise also includes consulting with clients about adding wellness services to their spas, medical practices and corporate campuses. She helps her clients create new and exciting opportunities in the wellness space. She is the author of Wellness 101: A Guide to Healthy Living and a frequent lecturer.