The Global Wellness Institute supports a wide range of industry Initiatives that positively impact wellness throughout the world. Initiative Collaborations bring leaders in various wellness sectors together to discuss best practices for navigating the COVID-19 pandemic.
These provocative and inspiring Zoom calls are open to all.

Thursday, June 4, 9:30-10:30AM EDT
Consulting Best Practices Initiative: Spa & Wellness Concepts in a Post-COVID World

Spa and wellness facility design was already evolving pre-COVID. In this collaboration, the Global Wellness Institute Consulting Best Practices Initiative presents experts in the field to discuss what architecture and design concepts we may expect to see in the near future. The Collaboration will be moderated by Initiative Chair and Consultant for Wynne Business Lisa Starr and the Consulting Task Force.

Speakers include:
Envisioning the Built Environment: Alberto Apostoli, Architect & Spa Designer; Kay Sargent, Senior Principal, HOK
Wellness Programming & Creative Design: Paulina Moran, Interior Designer; Rene Pier, Interior Architect, Schienbein+Pier GbR

Thursday, May 21
Exploring Salt & Halotherapy Initiative: How Can Spas Offer Respiratory Health & Immune System Support?

Participants in this Initiative Collaboration, hosted by the Exploring Salt & Halotherapy Initiative, explored the growing importance of halotherapy and infrared for respiratory health—both in spas and at home. Speakers included Dr. Cindy Hollenbeck, executive director, World Halotherapy Association; Dr. Raleigh Duncan, chairman, Clearlight Infrared Saunas; Kathleen Slonager, executive director, Michigan Asthma & Allergy Foundation; Lisa Semerly, former owner, Remedi Spa & Wellness; and Amy McDonald, a leading spa consultant.

Tuesday, May 19
Hydrothermal Initiative: Sauna Science Lab

In this Hydrothermal Initiative Collaboration, leading medical researchers, scientists and sauna experts debated the role of sauna in public health and wellness post-COVID-19. Sauna experts Lasse Eriksen and Don Genders, chair of the GWI Hydrothermal Initiative and CEO, Design for Leisure, moderated the call. The lineup of researchers and experts included Mikkel Aaland, documentarist and host of Perfect Sweat, an upcoming Netflix series; Hans Hägglund, MD, PhD, a medical doctor and professor known as the “Sauna Doctor” in Sweden, Professor Marc Cohen, author of a paper on the benefits of heat in fighting a virus; and Sven Erik Bucht, Sweden’s first Sauna Minister.

Thursday, May 14
Wellness for Cancer Initiative: Repurposing Digital Content for the Cancer Community

The Wellness for Cancer Initiative kicked off the GWI’s new series of Initiative Collaborations, held in conjunction with the Institute’s PositivelyWELL campaign. Founder and Initiative Chair Julie Bach moderated the session, which focused on extending the reach of digital content beyond COVID-19 to the cancer community where social distancing is often the norm.